Welcome to the colourful world of Jay Knopf !

Jazz up your tedious cupboards and chests of drawers in a flash with our colourful furniture handles and choose from over 1000 different designs, patterns and colour combinations.

Kindly note our table with Dimensions and technical details !

Basically the colours shown in the product image are applicable for the product shown in the specific offer. However slightest variations are possible, as all our products are handmade and handpainted and DO NOT come from an industrial serial mass production.

Therefore also slight asymmetries can not be excluded, however, they are barely perceptible.

These irregularities and deviations are NO defects in the product.

Unless mentioned otherwise, one offer refers to the number of knobs / products as shown in the main product image.


Keramik Möbelknöpfe, Möbelgriffe, Möbelknäufe Dekor Möbelknöpfe teaser-dekor2Magnete-Magnets

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